Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Walk

It was a freezing morning for a Sunday walk – even though we were all bundled up, we were still chilled to the bone. But, despite the cold, the atmosphere was very cheerful – everyone was still mentioning our Polish dinner from the day before. :) We walked in a forest this time – technically it’s all private property destined to be cut down for development, so in a couple more years it’ll be a fully-functioning neighbourhood, but for now it’s a nice retreat for hikers, and a good place to let the dogs off the leash. The two Labradors, once let on the loose, turn out to be much more energetic than their dopey-eyes suggest. :P

On the Sunday Walk with Deborah (left) and Karen (right).
The afternoon was spent quite studiously – there were a lot of things connected with our project or our individual work that we needed to catch up on, so a free Sunday afternoon needed to be sacrificed. ;)

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