Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Library in a Blizzard

The morning attacked us with an unexpected blizzard. Seriously, within a half hour, the whole VIU campus was covered with an inch-thick layer of snow. We spent most of that time sheltered within the walls of the Arts & Humanities building, attending Professor Daniel Burgoyne’s class on English Romantic Literature. Today, we discussed Keats’ poem, “The Fall of Hyperion”, which was kind of tough, but I think we did manage to glean some kind of coherent meaning out of it, so it was good.

The Library in the Blizzard.
Later, we moved to the library again – what a surprise! We had another lovely, productive session with our research, and then decided to go home to prepare for our presentation, which is going to take place tomorrow. We spent the afternoon and evening making sure that nothing was amiss with our PowerPoint file and rehearsing our speeches.

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