Monday, March 12, 2012


One Tiny Part of the VIU Campus.
Today we braved the buses in Nanaimo. It wasn’t a very good day for it, because the weather was frightful – it was raining and the wind was so strong that it almost broke our umbrellas. :P So, fighting hostile elements, we managed to arrive at VIU, where we were to take one of ProfessorDaniel Burgoyne’s class. The thing was, we had thought we would be discussing Keats’ “The Fall of Hyperion”, so we had spent half of last night trudging through the opaque poem, but, as it turned out, we were doing William Hone’s “The Political House That Jack Built” instead. Fortunately, we didn’t need to read that one beforehand, and Keats has been moved up to Wednesday, so all our hard work deciphering his words hasn’t been for naught! ;)

View from the Library.
After the class we headed for the library. It took us some time to figure out the shelving system, but after that, we were on a roll. It’s safe to say that “so many books, so little time” doesn’t quite cover the sheer magnitude of our enthusiasm. :P It’s such a shame that our research trip is so short, because limiting yourself when so many things interest you is such hard work. Still, the three hours spent browsing the Nanaimo Campus Library were time extremely well-spent. :)

And the Library Viewed from the Outside. :)

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