Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gardens and Totem Poles

After yesterday’s excitement anything would sound less glamorous in comparison, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. We started off with a little sojourn to a different country, which we found two streets away from our hostel. Situated in China Town, which you can enter through an impressive gate, is Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s Chinese Garden, a little bit of China tucked away among the skyscrapers of Downtown Vancouver. The classic garden and the adjoining park are the first establishment of this kind outside of China. It’s a lovely place with beautiful pavilions and haunting willows – a calm oasis in the middle of the urban hustle-bustle. 

A Beautiful Pavilion in the Chinese Garden, China Town.
At noon we took a bus to UBC, where we were scheduled to participate in a lecture by Professor Jerry Wasserman. The class took place at the Chan Center for the Performing Arts, in a movie theatre, no less, and was a discussion of Samuel Beckett’s play, Endgame. This time, we came prepared, and it was a real pleasure to listen to Professor Wasserman’s impassioned interpretation of the text. 

The Chan Center of the Performing Arts, UBC.
After the class, we went to the UBC bookstore and browsed a bit through the shelves with critical works, all the while bemoaning the airplane luggage weight restrictions. Later, we got a bite to eat at a Chinese restaurant (in keeping with the day’s theme), and headed for the bus loop to return Downtown, from where we took a transfer to Stanley Park. Unfortunately, it was already too late to visit the Aquarium, but we still had a pleasant stroll in this beautiful green place with gigantic trees. It’s a real wonder that a park this size is situated so close to a big city. :)

A Friendly Squirrel in Stanley Park.
What was most interesting about Stanley Park were the Totem Poles we found near the shore. They were moved here from Alert Bay, where we’re going in two weeks’ time. Every time we mention this fact to anyone here in Canada, we get gasps of wonder and excited exclamations in return. We’re only just now realizing the magnitude of our trip, making us even more excited than before, if that’s even possible. :D

The Totem Poles in Stanley Park.

A Lovely View on Downtown Vancouver.

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