Thursday, March 8, 2012


Where We Stayed in Vancouver.
Today was a travel day – we moved out of Vancouver and took a bus to Horseshoe Bay, where we boarded the ferry to Nanaimo. The two-hour journey went over very quickly, because the ferry is equipped with all kinds of facilities. We drank some lovely hot chocolate – again – and chilled out watching the view on the way. We were picked up from the ferry terminal by Professor Steve Lane, at whose house we will be staying here in Nanaimo. 

View from the Ferry to Nanaimo.

Aboard the Ferry.
We were greeted warmly by the family, two very friendly dopey-eyed Labradors, and a fluffy cat. After settling in, we took a stroll around the neighbourhood and walked a bit along the beach. We ended the day with a delicious Mexican dinner prepared by Professor Lane. 

Chilling Out and Looking at Nanaimo's Attractions.
It's a nice change to have a slow, relaxing day after the intensity of Vancouver, but it won't last long - tomorrow we're heading off to the university and starting our research, so very soon our hands - and minds! - will be pleasantly busy again. :) 

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